About versions

The latest released version is 2020.09. When reporting bugs, please make sure they affect the latest release or the development version.

Various GNU/Linux distributions provide Pitivi in their repositories, but the version provided may be too old or there might be bugs related to packaging that we have no control over. The recommended way of using and testing Pitivi is through our distro-agnostic packages below.

Pre-built, distro-agnostic packages

Flatpak package icon

In order to ease testing across Linux distributions, eliminate dependency problems and allow for quicker testing cycles, we provide convenient packages using Flatpak. These sandboxed packages allows installing the latest Pitivi on any recent Linux distribution, with minimal effort and increased security. Please install Pitivi using Flatpak.

Tarballs of Pitivi's source code are also available on the GNOME downloads page (for packagers, typically), but you should only use that if you really know what you're doing.

Building the development version

dev icon

Interested in fixing a bug or adding a feature yourself? Setting up the development environment is very easy. Feel free to check out the code and look at our short-term roadmap/milestones or backlog, or the long-term roadmap.