The welcome dialog

When you launch Pitivi, a startup assistant appears, allowing you to create a new project or open an existing project in a few clicks. If you want to skip this dialog, press the Escape key on your keyboard or click the window's close button. Skipping the dialog will open a new project with default settings.

The dialog offers you projects that are found among the recently used files. Double-click one of them to load it or use one of the following buttons:

  1. New opens a new project with the default settings.

  2. Browse projects... opens file chooser in the last used directory.

  3. Help opens the user documenation on the index page.

  4. Keyboard shortcuts opens the user documentation on the Keyboard shortcuts and cheatsheet page.

By right-clicking the individual projects offered by the Welcome dialog you can get more options: copy project's location, remove project from the list, clear the list, or show private resources.