Keyboard shortcuts and cheatsheet

This page is a list of important shortcuts to access commonly used or hidden features. Take the time to get familiar with them as they will improve your productivity tremendously.


  • Ctrl+N: Create a new project

  • Ctrl+O: Open a project file

  • Ctrl+S: Save the current project

  • Ctrl+Q: Quit the application

  • Ctrl+Z: Undo

  • Ctrl+Shift+Z: Redo

  • F11: Toggle fullscreen mode

  • F1: Show the user manual

Media Library

  • Enter: Preview (playback) the selected clip

  • Insert: Insert the selected clips into the timeline

  • Ctrl+Delete: Remove the selected clips from the project


  • Spacebar: Toggle playback.

  • S: Split the clips at the current playhead position. If there are selected clips, only those will be split.

  • Delete: Remove selected clips from the timeline.

  • and : Seek one frame backwards or forwards. This depends on your project framerate.

  • Shift+ and Shift+: Seek one second backwards or forwards.

  • Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-: Zoom in or zoom out. You can also use Ctrl with the mouse wheel to control the zoom more efficiently.

  • Ctrl+0: Adjust the zoom to fit the timeline.

  • Shift+drag: Ripple edit.

  • Ctrl+drag: Roll edit.


  • ': Toggle the safe areas