As the name implies, splitting a clip divides it into two adjacent clips, with new beginning/end points being created accordingly.

In Pitivi, splitting is a “non-modal” operation; this means that you do not have to “activate” a particular tool before doing the split action. Splitting occurs where the playhead is currently located (see also Moving the playhead). Combined with zooming, frame-by-frame seeking with the keyboard or scrubbing, modeless splitting is not only fast and efficient, it is also very accurate.

For example, to split a single clip:

  1. Click on the clip to select it.

  2. Reposition the playhead where you want to split (if needed).

  3. Click on the Split button on the timeline toolbar or press S.

Only the clips under the playhead can be split, depending on the current selection:

  • If clips are selected, only the selected clips under the playhead are split.

  • If the selection is empty, all the clips under the playhead are split.

See how to select clips in Selection and grouping.

Cutting out the middle

When you want to cut out a middle section of a clip, split the clip twice on the positions where the part you want to remove begins and ends. Select the middle part and hit Delete. Now, eliminate the empty space between the remaining two parts by moving one of them towards the other until they snap.