What will you create today?

Here are some videos created with Pitivi, as well as talks we have given at various conferences and events. If you made a nice movie with Pitivi, tell us about it!

Movies made with Pitivi

Cabane de Bertol

Shot in Switzerland with a GoPro HD HERO and edited with Pitivi 0.15, this majestic video features impressive takes from adventurous and barren lands. Slideshows were made with Imagination.

Pitivi hackfest & Desktop Summit 2011

Edited with Pitivi 0.15, this video not only provides you with an insider look at how Pitivi developers work together, but uses effects to correct the color balance in some shots, crossfades, transparent images, clip transformation and compositing, etc. Shot with a Canon S95.

Snowy hackfest & Boston Summit 2010

Edited with Pitivi 0.14, this video uses effects to correct the color balance in some shots. Shot with a Canon S95.

Burn the Man

Shot with a Canon SD780IS point and shoot, by Ian Norman.

Traction Control

Shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR, by Ian Norman.

Morning Sun

Patrick Trettenbrein's footage, shot in 2009 with a Porst Reflex ZR 148 (a Super 8 camcorder from the 70's), is a refreshing video in these days of razor-sharp HD images. As one commenter said, "this is how skateboarding should be, HD is ruining the skateboard scene" ☺

Talks / presentations

GStreamer conference 2013

Thibault Saunier and Mathieu Duponchelle present GES, the "Open Source Swiss Army Knife of Multimedia Editing". Topics include: the design of the underlying framework, the challenges it solves and the potential it has for usecases beyond simple offline video editing.


Our own recording, edited with Pitivi:

A high-definition version is also available here.

GStreamer conference 2012

What are the GStreamer Editing Services and why should you use them? From the GStreamer conference in San Diego, Jean-François and Thibault provide an in-depth look at GES, how it works and what challenges it tries to solve. The talk recording is available here. A copy of the recording is also available on our own mirror here.

GNOME Asia and GUADEC 2012

Jean-François presented at the GNOME Asia summit (Hong Kong) and at GUADEC (A Coruña). While the GUADEC organizers did record the talks, nothing beats our own recording:

A high-definition version is also available here.

ExpoLibre Talca 2012

A talk about GES by Thibault Saunier, in Spanish. Videos: part 1, part 2.

LGM 2011

At Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montréal, Canada. The presentation covers the challenges of open source video editing, the current state of affairs on Linux, what has happened since Jean-François first presented at LGM in 2009, why Pitivi shall prevail, etc.

Shot with multiple cameras (a Canon S95, a Sony HDR-XR520V and a Sony HDR-XR200) and multiple microphones, this video was edited entirely with Pitivi. This edit is uniquely different from the official LGM talk recording, providing multiple angles with transitions, high quality presentation slides and a more dynamic style.

MeeGo Conf 2011

In this talk, Edward Hervey presents the GStreamer Editing Services (GES) library, which adds support for high quality and low overhead video editing in an easy manner with GStreamer.

LGM 2009

This talk by Jean-François was focused on the history of Pitivi from 2005 to 2009 and its design goals for the future. It is complementary to the LGM 2011 talk.

Screencasts/demos archive

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can still see the official release demo video for Pitivi 0.15, providing an overview of changes since the 0.13.1 screencast.