Pitivi 2023.03 — Time Was Money

Auto alignment and precise waveforms.

Pitivi 2022.06 — Reel Easing

Object tracking, beat detection and Clip Properties enhancements.

Pitivi 2021.05 — Oubliette

Media Library clips tagging.

Pitivi 2021.01 — Retro Perspective

Bug fixes.

Pitivi 2020.09 — Hocus Focus

Lots of new features.

Pitivi 1.0 Release Candidate — "Ocean Big Chair"

We’re proud to release the first Pitivi 1.0 release candidate “Ocean Big Chair” (0.99). This release has many bug fixes and performance improvements, and is a release candidate for 1.0. Our test suite grew considerably, from 164 to 191 meaningful unit tests. You can install it right away using Flatpak. GSoC Early on this year, we got caught up in the Google Summer of Code. A lot of students hacked on Pitivi this spring, to get to know Pitivi better.

Pitivi 0.98 — Getting there

This is another release focused on fixing bugs and improving stability. Improved timeline We switched our official build to use GTK 3.22 and the framework did not like how we were using it, spamming us with warnings in the console. We fixed those and improved the timeline in the process and added more unit tests. It was quite a journey. Initially, the GTK Inspector was useful to figure out which widgets the widget IDs in the warnings identified.

Pitivi 0.96 — Cogito Ergo Proxy

Besides the usual cleanup and bug squashing, this release brings a fundamental feature which greatly improves the edit experience. Now you can edit and render a video project with any video files with great accuracy, thanks to proxy files. Proxy editing: fast and accurate editing with any video format The harsh reality of this world is that there is only a limited set of formats that really work well for video editing.

GStreamer Hackfest and the first Beta release of Pitivi, "Ra is a happy"

Last week-end, part of the Pitivi Team went to the GStreamer Hackfest in Google’s offices in Munich to work with twenty other GStreamer hackers on various important technical issues. A big thanks to Google and Stefan Sauer for hosting the event! Keep your eyes peeled: we will soon blog the results of the work the Pitivi team has accomplished during the hackfest. During the hackfest a very important milestone has been reached: the first GStreamer Editing Services, GNonLin and gst-python stable versions in the 1.